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Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Do you wish you could relieve your pain and start enjoying life again?

Well, you can. You can learn how to eat right for your body so you can reclaim your life!

Following my LEAP program has allowed many people with IBS, migraines, fibromyalgia and other chronic inflammatory conditions involving pain to reclaim their lives.

Eating the right foods for your body can turn back the clock so you feel like the person you remember being in years past. Remember the days when you could get up and go without worrying about those awful symptoms that prevented you from going out with friends and family, exercising, and even going to work?

You can still have all of that. I can help! You don't have to live with the symptoms that go hand in hand with chronic inflammatory conditions. You can turn down the inflammation and pain by eating right for your body. Your internal ecosystem may have been disrupted, but it doesn't have to stay that way. I have been successful alleviating the symptoms that ruin people's lives. 

If you are looking for fibromyalgia relief or migraine, IBS or interstitial cystitis (IC) treatment options, you've come to the right place. I aim to help fibromyalgia, migraine, IBS and IC symptoms, but I frequently clear up other inflammatory and chronic pain symptoms for people. It is truly amazing how foods can impact the body. My success stories are shared here on my website on the Success Stories page. You can probably relate to some of these people that I have helped.

The first step of the LEAP program is figuring out which foods and chemicals are triggering problems. Watch how the MRT Blood Test helps reveal food sensitivities:

If you would like to feel better again, call me to learn how the LEAP program works and if it's right for you -- 502-339-9202 or send me an email at
Find out if your food is making you sick with my free report. Just fill in your name and email address below and then check your email box for your report! 

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Feeling your best shouldn't be out of reach. At Nutrition Works you'll find the simple solution to regaining the skip in your step with the right food for your body. Watch this news clip from WLKY
I'm located in Louisville, KY, but can work with you via phone and email in any state.