Food sensitivities and weight management are my specialties, however, I offer several other nutrition services as well. Please contact me if you have questions about services specific to your needs that may not be listed here.


3x4 Genetics Blueprint

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Get a good look “under the hood”. Discover your genetic blueprint and figure out what your body needs to stay healthy. Uncover valuable insights into exactly what your body needs to be the best it can be. The perfect diet for one person, may be the worst diet for someone else. Let your genes be your guide. You’ll get a better understanding about how to manage your weight, feel energetic, optimize brain health, train smarter for sports, prevent injury and recover better between exercise sessions, support your cardiovascular system, improve your immune system and know how well your body handles nutrients like gluten, vitamin D, vitamin B12 and more. All it takes is a cheek swab. Your genes never change so this information will be valuable for the rest of your life. This blueprint is combined with a series of consultations to maximize your genetic information and optimize your health.


IBS, fibromyalgia, migraines, and skin conditions are a few of the problems associated with poor reactions to foods. The food you are eating may be making you sick! Food sensitivities can be identified to help you get rid of the symptoms that are making you feel awful. Eating the right food for your body can turn your life around. This package combines the MRT (Mediator Release Test) for food sensitivities, a panel of 170 foods and chemicals, with a series of consultations to implement the diet changes. There's no better way to decrease inflammation and discover your vitality.

Optional Add-On = Spectracell Micronutrient Test


The Eat Right for Life Weight Management Program is an 8 week series of meetings conducted on a one-on-one basis and is customized for each individual. Emphasis is placed on a balanced diet with appropriate calories just for you. Weekly goal setting and realistic strategizing are keys to the success of this program. You will focus on making small steps leading toward long-term weight control. Exercise is strongly encouraged for an optimal outcome and to maintain weight loss. You'll have practical information to use as soon as you leave our meetings.



  • Current nutrition assessment

  • Meal/snack ideas

  • Custom calorie and nutrient guidelines

  • Supplement guidance

  • Advice on how to incorporate suggestions into your life

  • Accountability to keep you on track 


Are you feeling pretty good, but are interested in maintaining your health for the long run? This package is for the health conscious person trying to optimize their overall wellbeing. It includes a nutrition assessment and the MRT (Mediator Release Test of 170 foods and chemicals) food sensitivity test to more precisely fine tune dietary habits. Together we'll create a customized plan that suits your body and your tastes.

Optional Add-On = Spectracell Micronutrient Test